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Fuzzy Inu

The people-friendly, transparent memecoin.

Lately there have been too many token dogs that look nice but play dirty. Fuzzy Inu is the cute little doge that plays just like he looks.

Fair • Transparent • Holder Rewards • Real Community • Active Team • Daily AMA with Developer • Upcoming Airdrops

We offer unconditional decentralized wealth for everybody. Get Fuzzy.

The Roadmap New

Introducing Fuzzy Inu


Fair • Transparent • Holder Rewards • Real Community • Active Team • Daily AMA with Developer

Launch Plan and Roadmap

Who we are, where we are, and where we are headed

Fuzzy Inu is more than just another doge token. He is a dog that cares about all of us. While growing a token is a great way to reach a wide audience, what really matters is how Fuzzy connects with that audience.

We are building a real community, and as this community grows, we will roll out products that enable crypto enthusiasts of all sorts to
analyze new contracts and make informed decisions about whether or not to jump aboard.

We will help empower you with the tools you need to never get rugged again.

Phase 1: Launch

  1. Deploy contract

  2. Add liquidity

  3. Lock liquidity for 1 year

  4. Renounce ownership

Phase 2: Growth and Education

  1. Provide definitions for various contract terminology (renouncing ownership, etc.)

  2. Develop basic contract score tools

  3. Audit

  4. Airdrops!! Yes, actual airdrops xD

  5. 600 token holders

  6. 500 telegram members

Phase 3: Expansion and Products

  1. Develop contract investigation tools (how many tokens did the owner distribute, etc.)​

  2. Blog posts

  3. 5000 holders

  4. 2000 telegram members

Fuzzy Tools

We want you to have the tools you need to spot and avoid suspect contracts. So we created a dictionary of crypto terminology and an accompanying guide on how to avoid common types of scams and rugpulls. 

Check out the links for more info!

Fuzzy Tools
The Story New

Fuzzy: Redemption 

Who is Fuzzy?

Our core group met while walking a space dog whom we shall not name. Suddenly, right before our eyes, the dog started blasting us, the very people who cared for him.


Some of us were stunned, some of us were numb; this wasn't the first evil space dog we had encountered. Limping back home, discouraged and distraught, we encountered this little guy.


His name is Fuzzy. Fuzzy saw our pain and promised one thing: Fuzzy would never attack us. 

1 Trillion token total supply

95% tokens sent to liquidity

Daily Telegram AMA's

Make sure to join the telegram community here.

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